Etnia Barcelona
Company : Sanda International Hong Kong Ltd - Hong Kong
Location: : Brand Name Gallery
Booth No.   1B-C01
Highlights of the Brand
Etnia Barcelona expresses the passionate and carefree Spanish style through its creative and colourful designs.
The brand aims to provide consumers with a variety of eyewear designs at reasonable prices, so that eyewear lovers can express them themselves.
Etina Barcelona’s products are sold in many places around the globe including America, France, UK, China, Japan and Hong Kong.
Yanagi Gawa Ichiro 柳川一郎
Company : Interconcept (Hong Kong) Ltd - Hong Kong
Location: : Brand Name Gallery
Booth No.   1B-D21
Highlights of the Brand
Mr Yanagi Gawa Ichiro is the legendary master of the Japan frames manufacturing industry in the last century.
The works of Mr Yanagi Gawa Ichiro are also collected by Japan’s History Museum and Art Museum.
With Mr Yanagi Gawa Ichiro’s professional craftsmanship, the frames are all handmade with 100% super titanius from Japan.
Company : ACESPEX - Singapore
Location: : Brand Name Gallery
Booth No.   1B-D08
Highlights of the Brand
Launching at the Brand Name Gallery at the Hong Kong Optical Fair 2010, the debut collection of Crocs eyewear interprets the relaxed and distinctly fun Crocs™ spirit, incorporating the unique style and creative design in terms of colours, shapes, materials and comfort of Crocs™ .
This collection utilises an assortment of materials like nickel-free stainless steel, hypo-allergenic resin and flexible polymer.
P+US Eyewear
Company : Eagle International (Industrial) Ltd - Hong Kong
Location: : Brand Name Gallery
Booth No.   1B-D02
Highlights of the Brand
The P+US eyewear (Personal + Unique Style) has been designing young, trendy and high quality glasses since 2004.
The designs are inspired by jewelleries and rings. Their spotlight collection features stainless steel frames with screwless hinge which is flexible and instant changeable - a patented unique design.
Company : AZU Concept Limited - Hong Kong
Location: : Brand Name Gallery
Booth No.   1B-D16A
Highlights of the Brand
AZU’s products aim at attracting those fashion-conscious ones with local original designs.
The designers use different material combinations to create frames of comfort and enjoyment.
Hello Kitty
Company : Opal - France
Location: : Brand Name Gallery
Booth No.   1B-C02
Highlights of the Brand
Originally launched in November 1974 by Sanrio Group, Hello Kitty is now a worldwide celebrated trendy brand. It has also become a symbol of generosity, innocence and friendship.
The Hello Kitty eyewear collection is ideal for little girls aged from 6 to 12 years old and fashion-conscious young women from 15 to 25 years old.
Company : Rem Eyewear Asia Company Limited- Hong Kong
Location: : Brand Name Gallery
Booth No.   1B-D05
Highlights of the Brand
Converse’s latest sunglasses collection Glow-In-The-Dark comes in two unisex styles: The Half Stack, an oversized, modified aviator and the Line Up, a classic traditional rectangle shape, both crafted from hand-milled phosphorescent acetate.
In the daylight, these unconventional frames have the appearance of frosted ice, with dark 100% UV lenses. During the day, the glasses soak up the light to empower their night time light show. When the surrounding is dark, the frames emit a captivating pale citrus glow.
In the bar, at a concert, at a party or prowling the city streets: it is time to wear your sunglasses at night.
Company : L’Amy - USA
Location: : Brand Name Gallery
Booth No.   1B-D16
Highlights of the Brand
Being one of the world’s leading manufacturers of outdoor clothing and equipment, Columbia provides innovative outdoor solutions from outerwear and gear.
At Hong Kong Optical Fair 2010, Columbia will showcase its eyewear collection for outdoor activities which provides both comfort and protection.
Custom Eyeglass Cases
Company : Astucci International Ltd - Hong Kong
Location: : Eyewear, Frames, Lens & Accessories
Booth No.   1D-A17
Highlights of the Brand
Combining latest fabrications and modern designs, Astucci is specialized in producing a wide range of stylish cases, pouches and as well as bags.
Appealing three-dimensional decorations such as flowers, bows, circles etc can be added onto the cases as well.
Shown on the left is the black, grand item named as "NOIR", which won Eyewear of the Year Award - Accessories Category at International Optical Fair Tokyo 2010.
Magic Color
Company : GEO Medical Co., Ltd - Korea
Location: : Eyewear, Frames, Lens & Accessories
Booth No .   1B-E11
Highlights of the Brand
GEO Magic Color soft contact lens provides a variety of design patterns and colours to meet the needs of global customers, both Western and Oriental.
These lenses will give you wonderful, mysterious and attractive eyes, and they are also very popular among youngsters in Hong Kong.
Company : Simon Says Concepts Limited - Hong Kong
Location: : Brand Name Gallery
Booth No.   1B-D14
Highlights of the Brand
Made in China is part of our everyday living. Although China manufactures more eye wear frames than any other country, much fewer frames are solely designed and produced by Chinese.
Simon Chim, a name, a brand, a products designer from Hong Kong who appears mostly in interior industry internationally has taken the mission to launch his very own eye wear collections - “chimmm……”, to show his ambitions, visions and after all his creations.
Company : Power Bloom Ltd. - Hong Kong
Location: : Brand Name Gallery
Booth No.   1B-C17
Highlights of the Brand
Started in 2008, Monoqool got the Best of the Best award in 2010 Red Dots Design Award with its helix collection.
In the Helix collection, the helix acts as the hinge to attach the temples to the front and make the glasses foldable. No screws or bolts. This patented hinge design shows a beauty in simplicity.
Company : OPHL SA - France
Location: : Brand Name Gallery
Booth No.   1B-C09
Highlights of the Brand
Established in 1923, Lafont launched its first collection in 1973 which included frames and sunglasses. Now, almost 400,000 Lafont frames are sold every year in 35 countries with 68% of the turnover from France. Lafont has been rewarded several time in Paris at SILMO and at IOFT in Tokyo.
Led by Thomas Lafont, the design team chooses fine materials like acetate, alloy and titanium for the production of their designs, paying attention to every detail. There are a total of 150 designs in total for ladies, men, teenagers and kids, giving a variety of choice for all age groups.
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